Student Careers Evening - Can you help?
Wednesday, 4 December 2019
As part of our careers development work for our current students, we're holding an event for students in Year s 11 and 13 on Monday 9 March.

If you would be willing to come along and chat to small groups of students about your career, we'd love to hear from you. 

You would need to prepare a short description of your job and industry (a bit like an elevator pitch) and then answer questions from the group. After around 10 minutes the groups will move round and then you'll repeat the process for the next group, and so on...

We would like to have representatives from a wide range of industries, so if you would be willing to take part and are able to come to Frensham on 9 March, please could you let me know so that I can send you more details. We need to get the schedule planned aso if you could get in touch as soon as possible, that would be very helpful. 

Please send an email to

Alternatively, if you are involved with recruitment or internships as part of your day job and would be interesting in helping in any other way or at another time, then we'd love to hear from you too!