Lord Claus Moser - Bronze Bust on it's way!
Friday, 26 April 2024
We are delighted to share that we will soon be receiving a bronze bust of the late Lord Claus Moser. The bronze artifact, sculpted by Rosemary Fisher, will be displayed in the drawing room, serving as a wonderful reminder of how Frenshamians go on to do remarkable things. After arriving in the UK as a refugee from Berlin, Claus attended Frensham between 1936 and 1940 and stands as one of our most notable and successful OFs. Just some of his achievements included being:
  • Member, Governing Body, Royal Academy of Music, 1967–1979
  • Director, Central Statistical Office, 1968–1978
  • BBC Music Advisory Committee, 1971–1983
  • President, Royal Statistical Society, 1978–1980
  • Chairman, Economist Intelligence Unit, 1979–1983
The generation of refugees who came to Frensham through the late 30’s and 40’s are always discussed as being truly remarkable in their passion, drive and commitment to living life to the full; we are so lucky as a school to have had this generation here and from whom the current students can still learn.

You can find out more about Lord Claus Moser here